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Silk Soft: Toilet Tissue Promotion
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Advertiser Silk Soft Released 2009-07 Agency By Far
Product Type Outdoor Cr Dir Benjamin Bidstrup
Industry Pharmceutical & Household Product Location Copenhagen, Denmark Award
Challenge: Promote the fact that Silk soft is 100% recycled and make some awareness on a low budget.

Solution: To communicate that Silk soft is truly 100% recycled we put stickers on standart toilet tissue dispensers on selected public toilets acount Copenhagen.
Challenge: 실크소프트 화장지는 100% 재활용된 재료로 만들어졌다는 것을 알려 주는 것이 목표.

Solution: 항문 모양의 화장지케이스 제작. 실크소프트 휴지는 벌써 사용된 휴지라는 것을 알림.
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